Play Bloons Tower Defense 4

Bloons Tower Defense 4 is one of the best installments in the series and it features an array of new features, enemies and friendly monkeys that you can use to pass a level. There is no real storyline in the game and you will only receive help from the in-game advice that is given to you in the form of a pop-up box. However, anyone who is fairly used to the tower defense game genre will have trouble adapting to the gameplay which is fairly simple to understand.

So what is the game about? As the name suggests it is a tower defense game and this means the usual: you have to place towers along paths in order to defeat enemy creeps before they reach the exit. Bloons is an interesting concept for this type of game since the towers are actually monkeys who throw darts, bombs and boomerangs on the enemy.


And just who is the enemy? Well, the creeps are actually balloons made out of different colors that suggest their special abilities. When I first say down to play Bloons Tower Defense 4 this concept was a bit difficult for me to understand, but it was easy to figure out after I started observing the balloons a bit more carefully.

Bloons Tower Defense 4 Gameplay

You need to be careful about all of the enemy balloons since they all have different features and properties. The red ones are those that you can one-shot, while the blue ones, once killed will turn into two red ones. The concept continues for each next color which, after destroyed, will spawn even more balloon! That is quite an interesting concept really and before you know it, you will be fighting a hoard of rainbow-colored balloons that are heading towards the exit very quickly!

However, in order to play Bloons Tower Defense 4 correctly, you will need to learn more about the weapons that are available to you. The first couple of starting towers should form the backbone of your defense and you need to upgrade them as fast as possible to ensure that you do not lose any unnecessary lives during the first levels. After this is done you should bring in more firepower in the form of cannons, mortars and rocket launchers which will help you deal with several enemies at once.

Video and Audio Effects

The video effects in the game are quite nice and the graphics are very nice, although they do look very childish. Perhaps this is because Bloons is meant to be a game that even younger players can enjoy so all signs of violence, gore or realism have been removed. The graphics are also very smooth which is very important since the map will quickly be overrun by flying projectiles and fast-moving balloons. Audio, on the other hand, is quite poor and there isn’t even a real soundtrack. The audio effects become very annoying during the final levels when there is a lot of noise that mixes together. Overall, it is a fairly good game and I really do recommend that you play Bloons Tower Defense 4.