How To Make Scary Maze Game On Scratch

Scary Maze game is a new flash based and android application where players need to pass the ball through the maze without touching the walls in order to complete the game. The game features few levels, and each level is more difficult than the previous one. At the end of the game, the player gets a scare of his life when a monster appears on the screen and screams.

There are lots of games like Scary Maze available online on different platforms. The reason for the existence of these games is that nowadays it has become a trend for people to prank their friends. Moreover, on the development point of view it requires less amount of effort to make such an application.

maze game

Below mentioned are some aspects that should be followed during the development of games like Scary Maze:

  • Justify the name: Make the users believe that it is not just a maze game but a Scary Maze game by putting some haunted background theme.
  • Recommendation: At the beginning of the game a message should be displayed stating that for the best effects the game should be played at night and by using earphones.
  • Levels: There should be less number of levels in the game so that the player does not get bored in between and stops playing it. Ideal time for game completion should not be more than 5 minutes.
  • The Ultimate Scare: Once the player believes that there is another level coming up, just go for the ultimate scare. The ultimate scare should not be too loud or noisy. The scream should be very crisp as it is the sound that scares people and not the visuals. The visual should contain a picture of a monster or ghost. Also, make sure that the visual and sound should be synced correctly.

maze 1

The prank applications are very popular as even a person who is tricked will download the application in order to prank others. First time developers can use free tools such as Sploder, Game Maker Studio and Construct 2 to make flash games, whereas Android developers can use AppMachine, Appy Pie, TheApp Builder, etc. First time developers can also get the basic development codes for Flash and Android platform from online sources. It seriously doesn’t matter what tool you use in order to develop an application, if you follow the steps that are mentioned above. So, have fun while creating your personalized game.