Bloons Tower Defense 4 Walkthrough

Tower defense games are becoming more and more popular and are one of the most appealing flash game genres for me. Ever since the popular Plants vs Zombies game, people have done their own version and adaptations of this genre and created their own games. Bloons Defense is a silly little flash game that provides hours of entertainment and difficult puzzles for you to solve. This Bloons Tower Defense 4 walkthrough will aim to help you develop the best strategy to beat all of the levels and advance further through the game. Since this game requires you to pay for premium content that makes things much easier for you, there are no cheats in the game and you have to count on strategy and skill alone in order to beat all of the levels.

Unlocking All of the Towers

Your first mission should be to play on easy and unlock all of the games towers and basic content. To do this you will need to use the following strategy from the Bloons Tower Defense 4 walkthrough. This method will not guide you beyond level one hundred, but it will help you quickly farm experience and gain a higher rank for future missions.

The first step is to start the easy level with easy difficulty and place you first few dart monkey towers. Upgrade your tower as soon as possible so that you do not needlessly lose some of your life points right from the start. You will need to focus on building a lot of these for the first 50 levels or so as well as adding the tack shooter and bomb tower into your arsenal. These two towers will complement the amazing attack speed of your basic towers with their own huge area of effect damage. After level fifty include other towers into your defenses such as the super monkey, a tower that is really powerful and fires very fast. This method alone cannot walk you beyond 100 waves or so and its main purpose is to help you farm more ranks and experience in order to unlock all of the towers and other items inside of the game.

The Epic Defense

Next in this Bloons Tower Defense 4 walkthrough we would like to talk about the powerful attacks of the monkey apprentice towers which can take out just about any wave once fully upgraded. Yes, those little funny guys with the strange hats are probably the most powerful towers in the game. The idea is to create a defense that is solely made out of these towers and you can start doing this after level 50 and onwards. The idea is to slowly replace your towers closest to the exit with these magic towers and upgrade them to their final option. Replace other towers with them gradually until your reach the entrance and have the entire path full of these wizard apprentices who are fully upgraded. Because they have a powerful attack and can push enemies back, they are great for handling just about any of the waves that you can encounter. It would also be wise to include mortar towers on locations where they are not bothering your defense and then have them bombard the entrance to decrease the numbers of the enemy as much as possible.