Bloons Tower Defense 4 Full Screen

Searching for a challenging new game that you can play? My recommendation, if you are a fan of tower defense games, is that you have a look at Bloons Tower Defense 4 full screen. It is a brilliant game that doesn’t get much credit, although the fifth game that followed was obviously much better. However, Bloons Defense 4 provides a very unique experience for the player, especially if played in full screen mode which lets you enjoy the game to its fullest and analyze every move that is made without losing track of any projectiles and balloons.

Click Here to play Bloons Tower Defense 5 in full screen


Click Here to play Bloons Tower Defense 4 in full screen


So what should you know about this game before beginning to play it? Well, it is quite important that you understand the theme of the game before loading it up, because you might find yourself disappointed by what you will see. The problem is that the game features some very childish graphics which make it look more like a cartoon then a serious tower defense game. With games like Mastermind and Lair Defense, it is hard for this game to be taken seriously by fans of the genre, but rest assured that this game is more than capable of providing a serious challenge that will require you to do a lot of thinking and make some hasty choices in order to combat the enemy as fast as possible.

The real enemies in Bloons Tower Defense 4 full screen are actually balloon while your own forces are represented by monkeys who are prepared to do anything to pop up the entire balloon before they reach the end of the path. At their disposal the smart monkeys have tons of weapons such as darts, bombs and magical powers of wind and fire. There really a lot of towers for you to choose from and each can be upgraded a number of times which is always an important aspect for a tower defense game.

However, do not allow the silly graphics in Bloons Defense 4 to fool you! The game is very complex and is much more difficult than you think. The enemy balloons can really surprise if you let your guard down since they can group up pretty quickly. Many of the balloons that you will stumble on will, instead of popping, just transform into several other balloons or they will come with a power ceramic layer for protection which will require some hard artillery to destroy. You best bet is to play on a normal speed in the beginning until you learn everything about all of the opponents, their behavior and until you full learn the power of your own troops. You will constantly need to add more monkeys and upgrade their special abilities. In case that this is no enough you can always counts on putting on some extra traps such as spikes, explosives and slowing glue.Bloons Tower Defense 4 full screen will require a lot of strategic thinking to beat and you will have to work your way gradually through the maps. Since there are quite a few maps and three difficulty levels, the game should prove itself full of challenges and different puzzles that you need to finish.