Bloons Tower Defense 4 Cheats

A game called Bloons Tower Defense 4 has totally changed my concept of the tower defense genre. I have been a loyal player of these types of games ever since the first release of the famous Plants vs Zombies game and of the first Warcraft tower defense maps.

Most games out there aimed to provide a dark and serious atmosphere like Warcraft did and they focused more a medieval theme or on something sci-fi like Starcraft.

I have to say I am quite used to this style of games when this genre is concerned, but Bloons Tower Defense 4 totally got me off guard and reminded me that tower defense games can be silly and funny just like any other genre of games out there!

Those who are searching for some Bloons Tower Defense 4 cheats are out of luck though since there are none available. The developers did not include them since it would ruin their idea to make money by selling premium content through game. This is something that a lot of gamers disliked and have, in protest, decided not to play the game. However, I believe that there is really no need for that and I find it that the game can be successfully completed (for the most part) without too much hard work and without spending any money or using cheats.

How to Unlock All the Towers and Upgrades Quickly


In order to unlock all of the towers as quickly as possible you need to increase your rank and experience. It is best you play the easy map on the first difficulty and start building your defense slowly. First build you basic towers around the entrance and around major crossway points. Upgrade these towers to make them more efficient and then save some money for bomb and tack towers which will greatly increase your arsenal of weapons. Now, you should have several fast killing machines and cannons that do massive explosive damage. It is time to invest into other, advanced towers and slowly make your way towards level 100. Do not be afraid to use special traps or devices in order to defeat a difficult wave.

Doing this is extremely practical and very important as it will allow you to quickly organize a good defense and level up as fast as possible. You will probably not make it past level 100, but that is alright since this is a farming level and this isn’t very important. It is really a shame that there aren’t any Bloons Tower Defense 4 cheats to speed this process up though.

In order to beat the other, difficult levels you will have to think a lot harder. The best strategy is to build a normal defensive line and then slowly replace all of your towers with wizard apprentices and fully upgrade them. It has been proven that line of towers that consists solely of wizards is the most powerful line of defense that you can have in Bloons Defense 4 and as hard as it may seem to acknowledge, they are even more effective than lots of super monkey towers.


 Looking for some cheats?

Looking for some Bloons Tower Defense 4 cheats in order to beat the game more easily? Sadly, there are no real cheats that can actually influence gameplay, but you can use certain strategies and tricks that we will teach you in this article to easily beat most of the levels. The hard levels will require you to put a lot of thought into them however, so do not be upset if you cannot get them during your first attempts. They are basically impossible to pass without losing a lot of lives unless of course you decide to pay for premium content. Because premium content is implanted into the game there are really no cheats available so we just have to improvise.

Understanding the Enemies

Perhaps you wouldn’t be looking for Bloons Tower Defense 4 cheats if you knew all of the enemies which would help you combat them more easily. We will try to offer some practical advice here as well as list all of the enemies here to make things easier for you. So, here are all the opponents that you need to worry about:

  • Red balloons are the basic opponents that you can kill with one shot.
  • Blue balloons are faster than red ones and if destroyed will spawn a red balloon.
  • Green balloons will spawn a blue balloon upon being destroyed.
  • Yellow balloons will spawn a green balloon once destroyed.
  • Pink balloons will spawn a yellow balloon upon being destroyed.
  • Camoballoons are quite hard to destroy and will spawn 2 pink balloons upon death.
  • Black and white balloons both contain 2 pinks and are very hard to destroy.
  • A zebra balloon is easy to pop but will spawn both a black and a white balloon.
  • A rainbow balloon creates two zebra balloons.
  • Brown, ceramic balloons contain 2 rainbows.
  • MOAB contains a total of 4 browns balloons.
  • A BFB contains a total of 4 MOABs.

Creating the Ultimate Towers

An analysis of all the towers has shown that one of the most powerful line of defenses is to build only monkey apprentice towers and fully upgrade them. Their magical attacks are quite powerful and can destroy hordes of enemies. You can include mortars and airplane patrols on the sides as well in order to provide more firepower to this powerful defensive fortification. The line of defense is extremely expensive to build and is meant for harder levels where there is a lot more time and where you can afford to sell unneeded towers and replace them with the powerful monkey apprentice ones.

There is no Bloons Tower Defense 4 cheats going on here as this is pure math! In their ultimate form these towers will create powerful tornados that can pop up to 120 balloons as well as send balloons which can destroy a wave’s formation and give you a valuable advantage over them. They are very powerful and are tied with the super monkey towers and MOAB launchers for the top title. However, they are the most affordable which realistically makes them the top choice for a real situation. Just remember that it is extremely important that you fully upgrade them because otherwise it will not work.