Bloons Games

The “Bloons” game series is very popular and successful. Millions of people from all around the world play these games every week. In my opinion, these games became so popular because they are really fun and addicting. After you finish one level, you immediately want to finish and try the next one.

There are many Bloons games online. All of them are worth playing in my opinion, but some are better than others. For example – Bloons 2 (click here to play). This game came out many years ago, and still – many consider it as the best Bloons games that ever came out !

It is great to know that there are many Bloons games, since they are so addicting. After finishing one game, I bet you will want to try the next game as well. Each game contains many levels, so don’t worry – it will you some time to finish them all. In case you are having a problem with a really hard level, you can watch some walktorugh videos on YouTube. They are super useful. I persoanlly recommend first trying completing the level yourself, since using YouTube videos can be considered as “cheating” by many gamers.

There are many game websites online that offer the Bloons game. Some of these websites also offer thousends of other different games. If you never played a Bloon game before, I highly recommend starting with Bloons 2. As I mentioned, this game is great, and in my opinion it is also fairly simple (so great for beginners). After finishing it you can try any other Bloons games since you will already know the concep and the “little tricks” needed to finish hard levels.



The Bloons games can be downloaded to your smartphone as well. For example – check out Bloons TD 5. This Android game is SUPER popular. Millions of people already downloaded it. I think that is really fun to play Bloons games on your smartphone because of the touchscreen. Currently the game costs money, so you won’t be able to download it to your Android phone without paying. Is the game worth the money ? in my opinion – yes !